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Regional Museum of Vigezzo Immigration in the World

Chimney Sweep Museum

Vigezzo Valley

In Santa Maria Maggiore, located in the heart of the Vigezzo Valley, There is a small museum that is one-of-a-kind in Italy. It preserves the historical memory of an ancient profession that contributed both tragic and fascinating chapters to the history of this valley.


The international chimney sweep meeting

Next Edition

Chimney sweeps from all over the world
will be back in Valle Vigezzo for the 41th
International Chimney Sweep Meeting.

The traditional parade will take place on Sunday
September 1st in Santa Maria Maggiore.



Brief story of the Meeting


Launched in 1982 and organized each year on the first weekend of September by the (Italian) National Chimney Sweep Association, the International Chimney Sweep Meeting represents a historical commemoration of a profession which was a characteristic feature in the life of the Vigezzo Valley for centuries. However, it is also one of the most popular and well-known events in Piedmont and is considered to be one of the most well-established tourist events in this region.
The three-day event is chock-full of activities that will keep visitors busy. Old fairytales are transformed into real-life stories, and there are historical reenactments of this ancient profession with songs, music, dancing, and fun opportunities to meet people and share a passion for “smoke and soot”.


The focal point of the meeting takes place during the traditional parade on Sunday, through the streets of Santa Maria Maggiore: over a thousand chimney sweeps, hailing from all over the world and divided into groups by country, walk through the hamlet dressed in their uniforms and carrying their tools. The parade is accompanied by musical and folkloristic groups in an explosion of sounds, emotions, colors, and good cheer: the ingredients that make this recurring event a success each and every year. The meeting draws over 30,000 visitors and participants to the Vigezzo Valley, who come from a variety of Italian regions, countries all over Europe, Eastern countries, as well as the United States, Japan and Russia.

A blast from the past of a period that must not be forgotten, and a gaze towards the future for an important profession that is still recognized and appreciated in many countries.

A weekend of joy and fun for fans of this ancient craft!

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Museo dello Spazzacamino

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Piemonte - Italy

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