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Regional Museum of Vigezzo Immigration in the World

Chimney Sweep Museum

Vigezzo Valley

In Santa Maria Maggiore, located in the heart of the Vigezzo Valley, There is a small museum that is one-of-a-kind in Italy. It preserves the historical memory of an ancient profession that contributed both tragic and fascinating chapters to the history of this valley.


National Chimney Sweep Association

Italy’s National Chimney Sweep Association was begun in the 80s and is headquartered at the museum. The Association is passionate about promoting and preserving traditions linked to the history of chimney sweeps in the specific historical context of the Vigezzo Valley. The Association oversees the museum, handles relations with the public and media, and organizes and promotes touristic-cultural initiatives of local, national, and international interest; first and foremost is the International Chimney Sweep Meeting, which welcomes chimney sweep delegations from all over the globe.


News events and more

Chimney Sweep Meeting 2024

The 41° International Chimney Sweep Meeting...


Chimney Sweep Meeting 2023

The 40° International Chimney Sweep Meeting...


Chimney Sweep Meeting 2022

The 39° International Chimney Sweep Meeting...


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Museo dello Spazzacamino

Santa Maria Maggiore VB
Piazza Risorgimento, 28
Piemonte - Italy

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